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Gas smell/odors

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Hello all,

I'd like to know if anyone can help out with this:

My 74-02 wreaks of gas under the hood.....the carb is an older weber 32/36 DGAV....I tuned the car up.....new plugs, wires, etc........runs like crap until warmed up....

The motor is stock and rebuilt about 1600 miles ago......the car has not been driven very much the last 3 years....though started weekly durng that time....

I walk into the garage and holy gas!!fumes...

What to do??Any help would be appreciated....



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the hood, check the following...

1. loose hose clamps on the fuel line--and check the line itself for seepage, esp if you still have the cloth covered factory fuel lines. They can crack under the cloth and seep gas. A tiny bit of gas can create a lot of smell.

2. Is the carb overflowing from a sticking float/needle valve, or leaking from a bad cover to body gasket? How about the accelerator pump diaphragm...leaking?

3. Fuel filter OK? Not cracked or leaking?

4. If your emission stuff is still in place--including the fuel/vapor return system--is it cracked or have missing parts?

When you report it "runs badly until warmed up" it sounds like the choke isn't working or not working properly. You need to check it for proper operation. While probably not causing the gas smell, it might be a contributing factor.

Happy troubleshooting


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