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Guest hogpie

Requesting help with Photobucket

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Guest hogpie

It keeps getting better, I have now figured out how to upload all my images but how to I send them to the forum parts for sale catagory? A hearty thanks to whoever answers that question for me....steve

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The way I do it is:

- I open a BMW2002FAQ window

- I Open and log into Photobucket (different window)

- I begin my For Sale message in FAQ

- When I'm ready to paste a picture I go to Photobucket and click on IMG Code. Once I do that it's ready to be pasted in my message.

- I go to my message in FAQ and hit 'Control V' (Paste)

- I do that for as many pictures I want to show. (Hit enter after each 'paste')

Hope this helps!


Click the preview to see before posting just to make sure it worked.

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If you're uploading pictures and working with their image tools, be very scared. Be sure that your antivirus is VERY good. Mine is Trend Micro PC-cillin and it isn't good enough because I've now been infected twice after going to Photobucket. The 1st infection I said it couldn't be Photobucket, that's a big site. The 2nd time confirmed it.

The virus symptoms are your wallpaper is replaced by a virus has been detected message image and incessant popups to click here to perform a deep scan or messages that a virus has been detected. Task manager, notepad, and your printer are also disabled. Eventually, you'll end up rebuilding your drive, like I did yesterday. The good news is since I've done this twice in 1.5 months, I'm getting pretty good.

My system is Dell Inspiron 1505 with XP SP2 and all MS updates.

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