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tii engine condition question

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As mentioned earlier, I already have installed a new Bosch "blue" coil and 008 distributor. My best performance results so far were from cleaning the injectors.

FYI a Blue Coil is wrong for a tii. It has a 1.8ohm + feed wire built-in for a RED coil. You are probably only getting 6V at that coil. Spark is weak for sure.

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Incorrect distributor model on my previous post - I have a new "002".

Regarding the coil - I went around in circles and finally took Carl Nelson's (La Jolla Independent) advice and bought a "Blue" coil for use with my stock ceramic ballast resistor (and Pertronix kit before I bought a new distributor). I'm not using the Pertronix and my car gets good MPG.

The "which coil to use" issue in the 2002 community seems to be a very common (and confusing) headache.


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E-mail from PO indicates the head and block were NOT resurfaced for the rebuild. PO said they didn't need to be (I believe car was at 110K). Stock tii head gasket used (probably not the cutting ring type). Also not sure about the valve stem seals. I'm assuming they are the original type and not the upgraded E30 ones.

When I asked about the type of pistons, no recall if they are flat or "piano".

At this point (and after a nice talk with Rob Torres), I'll put it back together for a hot compression test for some comparison numbers.

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Removed the K-F pump, injectors and cylinder head all this morning. The K-F pump and injectors will be sent to Rob Torres for his rebuilding services.

Since I'm so used to wrenching on my VW, the BMW took longer than I anticipated.

Coolant looked good when drained, along with the water passages in the cylinder head. Combustion chambers look pretty good with some typical carbon deposits. Head gasket looks to be OK - but then again, I'm no 02 expert. Block between # 1 and 2 piston looks "cleaner" than the others.

I now need a good straight edge to check the block and head for warping.

Head gasket markings (that I can read) are as follows:

"42RN701 18/20 Victor Reinz AFM 23 1.50"

Attached are pictures. Any advice from the resident experts?






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Scrubbed # 1 piston today after long conversation with Rob Torres of 2002 Haus yesterday. Many thanks to Rob for taking his time to call me about my car's condition.

Next up will be removing the oil pan and the # 1 piston to check the bore size and ring condition. Need to come up with a suitable overhead support to raise the engine enough to get the pan off.



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Home-made hoist used to lift the engine (see my other post). Number 1 piston pulled and revealed scuffing on two opposing sides. Bores will need cleaning up (honing) and possibly new rings.

The cylinder head was re-machined due to improper work done by a PO. One end needed 5 thousandths with the other end at 20 thou. I'm at the limit on this head.

The oil pump chain is very loose - I have a rotary type pump.

I've opened Pandora's Box with this engine.

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Just read through your posts.

The distributor debate does go on and probably makes a difference if you are running your car at the ragged edge. However, the blue coil is internally "ballasted" and does not need a ballast resistor. The black and red coils do need a ballast resistor.

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Thanks Bill! I'll try to re-use my old black coil after I get the car back together.

I just ordered a 3.5" diameter Flex-hone brush, a new set of (std.) rod bearings, Goetze piston ring set (2nd oversize) and head bolts.

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Kind of nervous today. Yesterday, I received my Flex hone, lubricant and scrub brush (Brush Research in LA) so today I tried it out on all (4) cylinder bores after removing the (3) other pistons.

I isolated each cylinder using duct tape, newspaper and a large trash bag before starting to hone (and wash).

After stuffing lots of rags down inside the (open) bore, I spread the honing oil inside the hole and spun the hone @ 300-500 RPM for about 30 seconds, making sure I kept the hone moving up and down all the time.

It worked great. The hardest part was cleaning up the messy grit. I first used some carb. cleaner on shop towels (the blue ones), then I used my 3.5" brush with hot soapy water. Several more rag wipe downs, then I spread some engine oil on the bores to keep them from rusting.

I also removed the rings from the # 1 piston then cleaned it up with soapy water, red/purple Scotch-brite pad and nylon bristle brush.

The pictures make it hard to tell the actual patterns created by the hone.






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Bringing this old thread up to date:

Car now has 166,976 miles.

New Interstate 26R battery installed today (previous one was purchased November 2008)

Car starts and runs very well (strong when accelerating just like a tii should)

Oil pan gasket does not leak.  Guess that's a positive for using the thick paper gasket instead of the cork one.

Ever since I installed the recurved/rebuild distributor from Advanced Distributors a few years ago, I haven't touched the ignition system, nor the KF system.

Tranny, guibo and driveshaft all in great shape.  No clunks or noises.


To do list this winter:

1) Pull front subframe and closely inspect what I think are (2) hair line cracks in the vertical engine support mount.  Not sure but think a PO added a weld bead sealing up the hollow part of the mount.

2) Replace both engine mounts (using stock BMW rubber ones)

3) Disassemble, clean and reseal the steering box.  When I installed the 5 speed trans, I replaced the lower seal but there is a slow leak.

4) Replace the lower control arms.  The inner bushings are deteriorating. 


Hmm,  seems I cannot add any type of pictures from Pbucket.

Edited by jgerock

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"direct" copy method (was working before)

http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn251/jgerock/Various car pictures/20160827_151726_zpsck71alvp.jpg

"img" copy method


"img" thumb method


"email and im" method

http://s306.photobucket.com/user/jgerock/media/Various car pictures/20160827_151726_zpsck71alvp.jpg.html

"HTML" method

<a href="http://s306.photobucket.com/user/jgerock/media/Various%20car%20pictures/20160827_151726_zpsck71alvp.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn251/jgerock/Various%20car%20pictures/20160827_151726_zpsck71alvp.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 20160827_151726_zpsck71alvp.jpg"/></a>



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