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poor idle, vacuum fixed

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I replaced the manifold intake gaskets today as a small leak was identified yesterday by squirting carb cleaner. Hoping it would solve my problem of a very rough idle it did but only to a minor degree. Idle jet is clear. Plugs, wires, timing, distributor, all good. What else am I missing other than I should clean the carb out? I recently installed a Sanden A/C should I check compression values. 73 o2 with pertronix

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Guest Anonymous

It couldn't hurt to perform diagnostics like a compression test (unless it was recently performed) since it may eliminate searching for some of the big potential running problems.

I am obviously unfamiliar with your vacuum leak issue. Could it be that your carburettor was set up to compensate for the leak? How sure are you that you actually fixed your leak? I ask since often just spraying carb cleaner or propane etc., can seem as though it is detecting a leak when it is just that the flammable substance is actually being sprayed too close to the mouth of the carb. Although you did not suggest this, is it possible that your carburettor throttle shaft is worn so that moving the throttle -slightly- reveals a leak or seals the leak? If it is worn, there is an inexpensive fix for this (search the archives).

Another remote possibility. If float level is too high or maybe even too low, this can also cause a flooding or leaning situation for which you may be unwittingly attempting to compensate.

If all else fails go back to basics. Eliminate compression, valve adjustments, points, timing plug gaps etc.

Good luck.

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