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i ordered a dirveshaft from dirveline specialist in portland, oregon. Nice sevice, nice guys,...

I had it shiped in two parts (two boxes) with usps in the hope that ups or fedex wouldnt charge me up with their stupid brokerage fees.

They (driveline) forgot to mention on each box 1/2, 2/2 so guess what, at the canadian customs they charged me the duty on the full price of the driveshaft for EACH DA'M%#$%WE FUK$#%?#$ BOX !!!

now guess what, you cant realy talk to a human at the duty, i have to order a form to fill out and send them tons of papers and proofs,...see, i will get my money (120$) probably next year...


I just hope that this driveshaft will be ok (no vibe)...for my e36.

So, lesson learned: make triple sure the guy know what he does when he ship you something "seperated", and that was supposed to help...yeah...

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I feel your Canada Border Services pain Pat. I brought a 73 CS into Alberta in 2004 and didn't have to pay duty. Last year I brought a 76 2002a into Alberta and they charged duty and said I could appeal it. Just try that dealing with an answering machine on a customs appeal.

And gas is $1.36l for regular. Bastards!!!!!!

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$1.36 is a deal... Here it's $1.52 to $1.47 at night.

Heh 1.52.9 in Surrey on the Wed morning. Geez who would have thought people would need to fill up next morning after the long week end. Auto magically it was at 1.46 later that day.

And the carbon tax! Well they can shove it. I'm gonna drive and I'm gonna drive my 02 a LOT. I ain't gonna join the cattle train that is called the Skytrain/Transit system.

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