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no brakes after replacing lines

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Don't think it is the master cylinder due to the below and tried reading archives.

74Tii - part of a restore job. After getting her, replaced back brakes, front calipers and pads, brakes did good. Then while at the shop and having the head re-built, noticed several brakes lines rusted, so replaced the the two lines from the master cylinder to the front passenger side. Then replaced the main back brake line going from the master cylinder to the split at the back of the drive shaft and also two lines coming off the split.

Bleed the brakes in order and was gettting plenty of fluid bleeding out of each line.

After bleeding there was some pedal. Now that head's back on and I can start the car, when the car is running the pedal goes to the floor. No fluid is leaking that I can tell.

Have I missed something in bleeding? Can I bleed the master cylinder? Just can't believe the cylinder would go out changing lines. I believe all the air is out, due to nice clean fluid out of each line. As far as I can tell the hoes to the Booster is OK.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks and appreciate any input.


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you still have air in the system....yes you can bleed the master cylinder

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A lot of people on the Rennlist board (Porsches) have been raving about a gadget called Motive Bleeder. One version of it fits the 45mm cap German reservoirs have. You pump it up to pressurize the system then run around to all the bleed screws and watch the fluid flow out until the air bubbles are gone. I plan on picking one up.

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