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Best Resource for clutch master and slave in Sacramento/Galt

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CLutch continues to lose pressure at the pedal, I will try bleeding first but, amy as well have parts on hand. Car is currently my only transportation and need it up badly. I have limited time to do any work myself so maybe someone can recommend a mechanic in the area?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards, "Z"

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Three parts sources in Sac... I've actually had decent sucess with getting brand name brake and clutch hydraulics from Napa parts stores... 2 FPS on Elvas ave. in Sacramento is a very good parts source... Last is the Dealer, Niello on Fulton in Sac.

4spd or converted to 5speed?

If it happens to be converted to a 5speed then you need a clutch slave cylinder from.... let's say an '80 320i.

If you'd rather pay to have it done and in-out in a day drop us a ring here at IPB-Autosport in downtown Sac. I'd be more than happy to get it done fast and hassle free.

•Clutch Master cylinder

•Clutch Slave cylinder

•Clutch hose

•Bleed clutch

AND some additional things I like to recommend at the same time...

•Since the brake pressure bleeder is already hooked up I like to recommend bleeding/changing the rest of the brake fluid at the same time. (Should be done every two years anyway)

•Check and if necessary replace the Blue hoses and the grommets in the brake master cylinder.

•If the system hasn't been bled in a very long time I may find plugged/stuck bleeder screws at the calipers and wheel cylinders... = more time.

BTW this is a 2002 we're talkin' bout' here right??


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He has the early Ti- Red and Black with flares- He was in the caravan with us from Sac to Brisbane. It has a close ratio 5 speed.


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