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Reputable BMW shop in Toronto, Canada

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For those of you in the Toronto area, do you know of a good reputable shop that knows a thing or two about 2002s? ...

Since Beach Auto is not around anymore, I am not sure where to go ...

Also, where do you guys buy your parts from? ... I have been ordering from Bav Auto for some time, but the shipping and duties add up!

Thanks in advance!


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Depending on what you need done I can help you out. There is a support group with parts etc. for those with the addiction in the GTA. Shoot me an email if you're interested.

[email protected]

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Guest Anonymous

This is the man you want to see....

Marcus Glarner Motors. 17300 Simcoe St Port Perry, ON L9L 1B2

905) 985-6556

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Steve Gailits at Bavarian Motors in Markham - its been 9 years since i left Toronto but he was the man. He's been around BMWs since Jesus was in diapers, im not sure but i think he worked at Beach before moving out on his own. I think he still races an E21 ar Mosport. He wrenched on my 02 and i never had a complaint. If i recall, his prices were pretty decent too.

Tel: (905) 479-1769

PS i dont knwo that i would go to Marcus Glarner, good guy - but his whole focus is on M1s and 3.0CSLs.


Martin M

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