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Anyone got tips and pics of their turboed 2002?

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To turbo or not to turbo?


A friend of mine has a fully rebuilt turbo kit from a 78 or 79 320i.

It's a Rajay turbo with a Callaway kit, I believe , exhaust ect. He owns a machine shop and has built racers for 20 years, so I trust him. I think I'm gonna buy it,

I know I'll need:

Intake manifold from 320i w/ throttle body

injectors, lines, fuel distributor (320i)

electric fuel pump

What else will I need? (assuming the kit is complete)?

-besides bigger brakes.

should I intercool for the higher boost, or is it going to be scary enough with 7 lbs of boost

Any insight from those with experience will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

-mike in seattle

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This is my 1.8 motor for which I am keeping the Rajay turbo and BAE manifold.

I decided to redo my 74 car with the correct 2.0 liter #'s match block and run the fuel system with the factory K-Fisher pump.

Since you already have a turbo and manifold:

You could benefit from this matched systems pluming, intake, fuel distributor, injectors, throttle body, etc... Everything you need is here unless you have an upward shooting turbo manifold.

I was going to offer it here on the forum in a few months, but if you are interested now we can talk about it.

I don't have an exact price in mind yet. I was going to sell the whole motor minus the turbo & manifold for fair market. The long block is a 1.8 and ran fine. The remaining systems are functional. If you plan to run EFI like Mega Squirt this sytem could be adapted, however it is designed for the Lamda control of the K-Jet. You might need to get the L-Jet fuel stuff, Others on this board can help you with that.

Post an email to reach you and we can take this off line.

The engine is in Sacramento CA.





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Oil feed line, to turbo

oil return line, from turbo to oil pan

Intercooler, it a good idea to keep charged air as cool as possible

wastegate: depends on turbo, may be internal or it may be external

Blow off valve

Gauges, air/fuel ratio


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