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Is a driveshaft guibo/flex disk under tension (more)...

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...or can I simply unbolt the bad one, drop it out, and slide the new one in place? I have the early ('67) driveshaft with 3 guibos and 1 center bearing support.

Also, how much flex should there be in the center bearing when you move the shaft side to side? Mine looks OK (no cracks) and its only <2 years old but when I tug on the shaft it flexes a bit in the center bearing. Is the bearing rubber supposed to be rigid or is a little flex normal?

The point of this is that I started getting the driveline shimmy at 2200-2500rpm in 2nd gear all the sudden. The two older guibos are getting somewhat flexible but not showing any hairline cracks in the rubber, the front one was replaced with the center bearing. The rear most guibo at the diff shows some deterioration around one of the 6 bolt holes, which may be my shimmy's source. Id like to try replacing this one myself if its an easy swap w/o the car on a lift. Thanks!

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a little flex of the rubber at the cetner bearing is normal. The guibos are not under any particular tension, although you must "preload" the center bearing a couple of mm if you mess with that.

Of course, I have no experience with the early two-guibo cars like yours, so take every thing I say with a grain of salt. Actually, that's tru with about everything I say.

To check driveline for ballance. Get the rear end up in the air and Solidly Supported. Start her up, put it in second gear and crawl under there. Operate the throtle with one hand at the pedal box, while observing the drive shaft at the guibo(s) and center bearing for wobble.

Check your motor and transmission mounts too

Make sure your life insurance is paid up first.

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