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automatic static timing help

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than a 4spd....

got it running pretty good, but want to get the light out soon, and adjust carb accordingly.

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your Owner's handbook ( 1968 )states :

Static Ignition point 3* BTDC Adjust only with engine stopped and cold

contact breaker point Dwell 60*

contact breaker gap 0.4 mm ( 0.016" )

and from another later handbook (1974 )

Dwell 59 - 65 *

timing with strobe light at 1,400 rpm (no vacuum to distributor)

ball mark aligned in inspection hole

2002A ignition advance

Begins at approx. 800 rpm

Ends at approx. 2,400 rpm

Max. adjustment range 30* +/- 2*

YES - much less advance for Automatic than Std Trans,

which is 35* to 44* depending on model - but your basic

timing is the same as other carb 2002's - Ball mark in window at 1,400 rpm and no vacuum to distributor while checking.

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for static timing which of these marks should line up with the notch on cover while the cam is set at tdc ?



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