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Parts car available in Richmond VA Cheap - long

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here's the text of my e-mail to another about the car in case anybody around here wants it. Advertised in the paper for $700 but probably could be had lots cheaper.

-Well, I bet you could get it for $200-250. Probably not worth much more. certaily well under $500.

I went to see it in a sketchy part of Hull Street yesterday. It is a complete Rust bucket, maybe the roof and trunk lid are still good. It was originally Atlantic and is a ’72 or ’73. Frame rails, floor board, fenders etc are all gone. No trim or bumpers left. The glass is all intact. Interestingly, the rear shock towers actually look solid. I think somebody must have replaced them at some point. The interior is completely shot – you might be able to use a door panel and some of the switches, if you’re not too picky. Hard to tell where the seats came from. I don’t think they’re from any BMW though maybe an e21, but they’re not the Recaros (blue vinyl and velour)

The wiring is a nightmare and there is an electric fuel pump in the trunk. The engine does run – barely – and I didn’t see much oil smoke so that’s a plus. Its got a single barrel Weber and the original I bbl solex is in the trunk. And there is a 5 speed. At least I think so – the shifter is so floppy it’s hard to tell.

The car appears lowered but it sits on stock steel wheels with beat up hubcaps and 165/70-13 tires – uniformly half-flat.

So for a couple of hundred $s somebody could get what might be a decent engine and 5-speed. The diff, subframes etc could be usable too. There may be other good points, but the car looked so bad that I lost interest in spending more time checking it out.

The guy running the shop is Don (as in Mister in Spanish, not Donald) Chris. 5255 Hull Street Rd. 804-230-7900. He by-passed the ignition switch and rigged the fuel pump to get it running. The owner of the Car is Robert – 804-591-7437. Older guy, apparently bought it to work on with his grandson but never got anywhere and doesn’t want to spend any money.

I’m going to post this info on the FAQ board in case anybody with a tall fence or a big empty space (neighbors and wives will NOT want to see this car) and time on their hands wants it.

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