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Distributor swap: '76 Vacuum Advance to '73 mechanical?

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I'd like to swap the distributor and associated ignition components from my '76 to my '73. The '73 seems to have worn bushings causing a wobble in the shaft and an associated rough idle.

If I were to pick up all major components (distributor, coil, etc) from the '76, would it drop in to the '73? I'd assume I'd need to find vacuum off the Weber in the '73 (both cars have the same carb, so I assume they both must have a vacuum port!).

Thanks in advance!

Rob Theriaque

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I think the swap should be pretty much plug and play. You'll need to block off the vacuum on the car getting the mechnical advance dizzy and vice-versa, but that should be fairly easy. Follow the vacuum hose from the dizzy to the carb to find the opening. Hopefully, there's just a cap that you can switch from one carb to the other.

However, I beleive the mechaniccal and the vacuum dizzys have different advance curves, with the mechanical dadvance dizzy being more performance oriented. I beleive they were originally on ti and tii models while the vacuum dizzy came on carburated models. So you may notice performance gains/losses with the swap accordingly.

You might wish to consider finding a replacment mechanical advance dizzy to replace your worn one. I got one from Max a few years ago.

And if you're still running points, it could be a good time to switch to a Crane or Pertronix set-up.

Someone else will chime in if I'm off base, which is always a good bet.

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Sounds like I can get away with just the distributor- good stuff!

The '76 died of cancer. Just a parts car now, unfortunately. Makes it quicker to "swap" parts, at least!

As for the performance difference... My thinking is that a vacuum advance in good working order is probably better than a mechanical advance with a wobble!

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