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Any way of determining the state of a DGV Power Valve?

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I'm looking to buy a rebuild kit for my 32/36 DGV, and I need to know if theres a way of finding out whether or not I need to get a kit with the power valve. I've tried searching the forum and didn't find anything. I'd rather not pay the extra $14 if I don't need to so any input is appreciated.

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Just rebuilt mine this week. Is the diaphram torn, bittle? I think thats all that can really go wrong there. You will need a new gasket if you pull it off to check, so see if that's included in the kit. I replaced mine, it was in good shape, but I get a little crazy about that stuff. Runs great, so i'm happy.


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Good question-

I think you'd have to take it out and make sure that it still seals

when it's closed.

Larry, the valve itself is in the bottom of the float bowl.

The diaphragm you describe is in the top- and should get replaced

every few years, as they tend to harden and crack.

Or develop a 'bi- state' existence where they open- and then stay open.

The diaphragm relaxes and lets the spring push open the valve when manifold

vacuum drops- and then closes it again when you take your foot out of it.

From the amount of wear you see on the face of most valves, this happens

quite frequently in an aggressive driving cycle.

I've never replaced the valve itself, but frankly, never thought to check it.


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This carb has been sitting fuel-less for a few years so I think I'll just get a kit with the power valve. Could this be why it's running rich as hell?

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