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Organizing a Car Event - Is It Really Worth It?

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I was exchanging emails with one of the resident Luminaries, concerning possible car events. And he raised some very good points, most of which pointed to NOT trying to organize anything. And so, I pose my question below to seek the FAQer vox populi.

Background: I've been trying to get people to come down (or over or up, whatever) to Ocean City, Maryland, for years. No takers. Usually, it's a hot-rod thing - twice a year, over 3,000 cars pour into the city, and the party starts. And a good time is had by all. But, there generally are no foreign cars. Only a handful. Granted, foreign is accepted - a Jag club has a small presence, as does the MG crowd. But mostly, it's an American Iron thing.

New Development: We've been going to this one particular restaurant for as long as I can remember. A bang-crabs-with-a-hammer place (for those who have never experienced Maryland Blue Crabs, it's a love-hate experience). Well, day before yesterday, our favorite little dive restaurant opened up a brand-new sports bar. It's gorgeous, and has its own private parking lot that adjoins a man-made sand bar. And the menu expanded. Now, you can be a crab lover, not a fighter, and order up crab soup, a 1/2 pound crab cake, a jumbo one-pound beef burger (if you eat it all, you get a free desert), great barbecue, superb wings, etc. etc. etc. The food is excellent, there are 15 TVs, it has an outdoor sand-pit for picnic tables, and it's a block off the beach.

My Idea: Gather all of the Vintage BMWs for Otis's First Annual Beer-Drinking, Crab-Mashing, Food-Fight Inducing Bash At The Beach. (That's OFABDCMFFIBATB for short.)

My Dilemma: As TL (The Luminary) pointed out, gas is expensive, people are cutting back and tightening their belts, OC is a long way away (too long for a day trip, for those that drink), and we'd largely be the only "fern-ers" (translation - foreign-car owners) in OC, at least during Cruise-In Week. In other words, I could put a lot of effort into trying to organize something - and then no one would come. Which would piss me off, and cause me to post up even more sarcastic comments (and butt-nekked roller skater pictures), than would be my typical practice.

So My Question: Is it worth it? Should I just enjoy my 1/2 pound crab cake and ice-cold draft beer, in solitude? Should I keep this little slice of beach heaven to myself? Or should I engage in the insane, and actually try to organize something? I can't guarantee that Jesse Jane would actually show up. But I would guarantee that I would at least invite her. Whether she shows or not, instead of Best in Show, we'd have the "Jesse Jane Q-Tip Award." And there would be no telling where that particular Q-Tip has been.

Your thoughts appreciated. Remember, if you convince me to organize something, and if I do so, and if thereafter nobody shows up, then I'm truly going to go postal. Like, shoot down your airplane, mash your fruitcake, or have my cat vomit on your carpet - that kind of thing.

End Note: Regardless of what happens, thank God for Q-Tips.


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Im for it - I always wanted to tak emy 2002 to dewey but ocean city is not that far from there what 30mins? when were you thinking about this? I live in Arlington VA so what would be real cool is see if any other VA FerNers want to caravan out there! that would be cool . . . .

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It IS a big deal to secure a venue, lodging, sponsors, registration, staff, volunteers, vendors, T-shirt production, set up a drive, etc.

If it's a matter of piggy-backing onto an existing event, you'll have much less stress, and be less disappointed if the turnout is lower than expected.

I know you're a fan of the overnight tour, but many are pressed for time and $$ and prefer a day trip.

NCC used to have a summer crabfeast/gathering at Patapsco State Park. I usually filled up on sides, as I'm not proficient with a crab hammer!

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many are pressed for $$

But I'm bringing Jesse Jane! All they need are dollar bills!

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