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Mosport Vintage 2008

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Dino Crescentini suffered a fatal accident after corner 6 while driving a Wolf-Dallara sports car on Sunday morning. Article is here...


Outcome was very sad indeed but it was still good to see everyone. Thanks for making the drive Steve & good to have the ring leader back Jon. Hopefully see you guys later this year.








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John - Thanks for posting and leading the drive. I still can't keep up with your car! Thanks for the hospitality Kris, Tony, Don, all. All in all a nice meet-up despite the tragedy on the track.


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whoever owns this car...if you're reading this thread, i love the color combo...

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Nice to see everyone and some new faces too from the 2002 world.

The fatal crash happened towards the end of the back straight, where cars are flat out.

We were camped in that area, and although we didn't see the crash happen, we were there moments later.

It was a horrendous crash, the car got sideways, became airborne and summersaulted into the concrete barrier, upside down and backwards.

A theory I heard from a racer was the engine got pushed through the rear hoop of the cockpit rollcage.

It certainly makes you think of the risk these drivers take to entertain us.

R.I.P. Dino Crescentini.

The schwartz car in the following photos is Kris from this board's beautiful tii. It is very close to being on the road.





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It was truly inspired. it was originally malaga, then sprayed polaris, then by the time I got it the polaris paint started to flake off the trunk badly. I sanded it and sprayed it down with a rattle can. certianly not a great job, but it looks better than flaking polaris!

Still has the Georgia plates on it, hopefully I'll get it titled in Canada soon!

Thanks To John for organizing the drive, too bad a bout the racing, but it was great to see everybody again, and meet some new 02 guys.

I'll work on a late summer drive in the west end.


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