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Fuel problem or ??

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my normally decent running stock 2002 has recently been having a bit of trouble. It seems to be not enoufgh fuel but thought I would it by the folks here and see.

This does not happen all the time and seems to be more prevelant after the car is driven a little further, perhaps when it is good and warm (althogh the gauge rarely leaves the blue zone so I do not think it is heat related)

When the car started doing this I was driving, it surged in power a bit at about 65 mph. it steadily got worse and I spent the last few miles going about 35 to make it home. It had done this once before shortly after i bought it that ended up being points. I checked and the points look fine. I made sure of the gap but did not replace them. It starts and idles nearly perfectly.

Then it seemed ok as I took a short (few miles) run it surged a tiny bit at about 70 and came right out of it for the rest of the trip. the next day my wife drove the car. it performed fine on her morning commute of about 4 miles. at lunch she ran errands an d then as she was heading home it began again in earnest. She was eventually able to make it home after pulling over to let traffic pass and having it die a few times.

she and I both experienced that pumpoing the fuel a few times and then letting off seemed to help, but only slightly.

so finally the question! has anyone experienced this in the 2002. is it m ore likely i should look at points ettc or go right to the fuel system. The thing is the car idles fine and wiothout a load I can keep t revved ant any point in the RPM range and it does not miss a beat, runs beautiful, anf gas stays at the same level in the filter.

Any tips about what this might be or the best ways to figure it out would be appreciated.

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First guess, I'd agree that you have a fuel delivery problem.

Fuel filter? If the filter's after the pump and you're missing the

in- tank screen, junk from the tank could be fouling the pump valves...

Float level in the carb?


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I agree on the fuel delivery problem. Sounds like clogged filter screen/cartridge. Are your fuel lines contacting the manifold? Could be vapor lock.

Mechanical fuel pumps are usually blamed and replaced when other items need investigation.

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Thanks for the posts

Was most likely a fuel problem. I ended up pulling the Solex to rebuild. After the rebuild I noticed a problem with one of the idle needles.

I had a weber 32/36 sitting on a car which I had run for maybe five minutes several months ago. Not having a rebuild kit, I decided to give it a try anyway so I put that one on. Of course the vacuum is completly different. As I was rerouting the vacuum I noticd a few lines that were suspect. I replaced these and finished the install the car fired up. The idle is not as good but it has more power and acceleration. Now I need tips on how to tune that Weber.

Also I will check the plugs and recheck all my vacuum. It runs OK as i said just has a miss at an idle. I must say the Solex did idle beautifully.

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