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Heat, smell, and noise. Help.

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I've got heat, a burnt smell, and (I think) a metal on metal sound coming from my driver's rear tire area. I just adjusted the drums, but I don't think they are the cause. I won't be able to tell until I get it home and see what's in there.

The noise, if its the same one, has been there a while, but I couldn't track it down before. The smell, and apparently some emanating heat, is new. The rear wheel bearings are original and the car has been driven all its life; are these the obvious culprit? The rest of the rear suspension, aside from the diff hanger, is original too.

Any thoughts? It's a 75.

Thanks, Jordan

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anything loose inside the drums? How's your diff fluid?

Bearing might be the case, but it would be really noisy once one of those goes south.

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and is rubbing against the drum all the time. When you adjust those rear brakes, you need to turn the wheel/drum back and forth several times to make sure your adjustment is correct. Then press the brake pedal and try rotating the drum again.

And of course, slack off your e-brake adjusters before adjusting the brake shoes, then reset the e-brake adjustment when you're done.

The metal to metal sound may not be associated with the brakes, but it's smart to pull your drums anyway just to make sure there isn't something rubbing (like a loose brake spring or shoe).


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