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Wiper motor interchange: '76 to '73?

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I've done a few searches- I see some references to a FAQ that I can't locate.

The wipers in my '73 don't work. When I hit the switch on the turn signal stalk (click in, right? ;-)) I can feel the relay click (after swapping-in from my '76), but nothing happens. The original relay ('73) didn't click. They appear to be the same.

Assuming I have power to the motor and that the motor is bad, can I drop the motor from my '76 in without any issues? Reading the back posts I think I've established that the motor itself changed in mid '71 and the motors are the same, but I'm wondering if I'm going to have any issues as the switches are completely different.

Thanks for the help!


Rob Theriaque

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before you go to the trouble of swapping motors, check your relay by carefully opening the cover, then inspecting the points inside. If they're stuck closed, you may be able to separate and clean 'em and thus salvage the (rather expensive) relay. Then check your motor for operation.

Make sure you're actually getting power to the wiper motor by checking the wire at the connector with a voltmeter. Try with both relays. And of course check the fuse--pull it, clean it and reinstall.



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Well, she's alive.

The linkage was frozen. Some penetrating lube and a few taps with a mallet and I have wipers again.

I also removed the windshield washer bag and moved the washer system from the '76 over. I now have washers, too!

I know most of you guys have experienced this, probably for years, but this is an amazing rush. The car is coming to life right before my eyes. When I picked it up it had to be tow-started, ran like garbage, had no working lights... The list is too long. In 2 weeks, the car is almost fully operational. Such a great feeling!

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