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When not using the rear sway bar...

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What should the difference be between spring rates for the front and rear? I have 450 lb springs for the front. I'm looking at 500 lb springs for the rear to make up for no sway bar.

The stock front sway bar will be used with urethane bushings.


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i am not sure what his car will be used for, but in autocrossing a lot of BMW remove the rear sway bar since it tends to lift the rear wheel of the ground. You compensate for that with a pair of much stiffer spring to remove the roll.

steve k.

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With the m20 I'm looking to get all the rear traction I can get - the rear sway doesn't help the inside rear on corner exit.

I will be using the car for the occasional autocross. I know Lain Mannix has removed the rear sway from his nationally competitive FSP class 2002. Have you left yours off as well Steve?

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Depends entirely on what you're running for a front bar.

I usually run a #50 pound heavier front spring with the stout Ireland bars,

and adjust from there. Same was true with stock bars, (heavier springs)

but it was harder to use bars to make a handling adjustment...

since they did so little.

A spring is a spring is a spring, whether it's a coil or a torsion bar like a sway bar- at least in a corner. So if you have #400 of spring and #100 of bar,

it's not any different than a #500 spring and no bar. Until you hit a bump...

The best way I found to get traction down involved a welder and my spider gears... but I do keep all 4 on the ground as much as I can. Soft springs,

big bars, and lots of suspension travel. It's hell to get enough static camber, though.


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I'm thinkin about trying out rear sway removal....

At the last AX I had some really bad wheelspin that slowed me down. I've only got a 25% LSD and H&R sport springs, so I know it won't be ideal at all. But, it is a free and easily reversible mod, so I've gotta give it a shot.

My other option is putting the rear bumper back on and/or using more gas in the tank to get some more weight at the rear, but I hate adding weight.

I'll probably pull it this weekend, run around the backroads a bit without it, and see how I like it. Perhaps I'll have a bit too much body roll? Still, actual propulsion with body roll is better than a flat car sitting still with tires spinning.

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