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1974 automatic 4280905. FINISHED

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Do you really work on that thing outside in the snow? You're pretty hardcore dude, I get whiney when its 40 degrees here and my heater is on the fritz...

How's the rust on that car?

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no, i dont realy work on it right now. Just finalising the papers is a big work right now.

I have few parts in my home basement that i can work on, hood, fenders and trunk lid...

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A litle update...

i finaly recieved the $#Q%#%%$?%@! papers !!!

i got contact with the previous "real" owner...

Now i need to run into the registration process, evaluation and full inspection... aouf !!

i just hope i will get legal plates by the end if the spring...because i want to run it this summer, no later !!

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YIPEEEE the car is now totaly mine legaly !!!

i got a plate and a quebec registration paper for it now.

after 5 months, tons of searches, 5 attemps at the SAAQ and 47$ later...aouf !!

all it needs is a basic inspection and voila !!

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So i decided to give a try on my spare trunk lid, since i will not use the one that is on the car right now, too much rusted under...

removed most of the pain with chemical paint remover, then sanded it a bit with my orbital sander.

It is in nice shape, except for a small pop on it...





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Here is the nasty work that starts.

I removed the still filled up gas tank...this is the worst rust on the car, where all the 02 under restoration ive seen are rusted. no big deal for me.

The poor gas tank was dented underneath, a piece of wood and few bang with a hammer and it is almost perfect...altough it is rusted a lot !!

there is a nasty hole in it...still no big deal, YES i will weld it shut, very easy. I welded tons of gas tank in the past.

I also re-keyed a set of locks with the original keys that i found hiden under the carpet. I believe thoses are the original keys of the car.

more to come...





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I fixed the usual, rusty pedal box, rusty brakets, rebuild the starter and the master cylinder, repaired the fuel tank, steering box,...






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the pedal box looked real sad, but it is like new now.

also new steering components all around are just waiting to be installed...

not picture, the steering box freshly cleaned and toped.



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The PO has cutted the engine harness severely...no big deal for me ;)

I refurbished it all with new friction tape. Cant be better imho. Like new.

I fixed also few "fixes" made by probably professionals and reputed garages... :)

I like the fact that this harness still got the yellowish plastic tube that reaches the alternator and starter.

Thanks Ian for the donor harness (yes i cut yours to fix mine).

The accessory and emission harness is next.





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the car is finally into my garage. I am fixing up the floor, and the heater box. New foam on the flaps, and i balanced the fan assembly (!)

Of course, there was a mouse nest in the heater assembly...lol...motor was seized as well.

I ordered some floor pan from wolf steel here in quebec...realy disapointed of the quality of the pan. I could have made a better one myslef.






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I spent two days working on the rust.

I fixed the front corners and the passenger side fender atachement.

I also started to fix the rear corner, around the fuel tank. That was the biggest job (minus the front clip) to fix.

Th big rough job is done, i have to grind down all the welds now, it look real bad but it is not that much...my white 02 was in more sad shape and that is 10 years ago already.

I also found someone deeply hiden un the frame rail...i named him Barney...this litle crapy mouse returned to dust, after spraying his pee all over in this car. When i weld i can smell it !!


I also burned one of my finger reeeeaaaal mad. It hurts.






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I just received the front lip, and promply installed it.

took me about two hours. It is just tack welded or stiched for now.

Fit like a glove, and is in mint condition...the rest of the body will get sand blasted soon.





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So a decision has been made, even if i told myself that i wanted to make this car 100% stock and original, i cant pass over to not convert it with euro bumpers...

So i found the only missing part to do this conversion, which is a center front bumper section...

And the timing is just good as i am messing up with the front clip, this will give me the opportunity to drill out the holes for the braket and shut off the big square holes for the US bumpers.

I think it will look nice.

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