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Passenger Door Latch

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My passenger side door closes and locks okay, but is awfully easy (too easy) to open. From the outside, one has to barely depress the release button and it opens, same goes from the inside handle. You don't hear or feel that click sound like on the driver's side. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Sounds like it is only latching on the first detent of the door catch. Open the door and cycle the door catch to see the two positions. You may be able to move the striker plate on the body out a bit. When you loosen the screws to move it, do not remove them all the way. There is a plate behind the catch that wil drop into the body. PITA to get back out. Use some masking tape to mark the position of the catch.

Also, verify that you have the corn kernals(puffers) on the door catch.

Do the adjustment with the door window down. Be sure to gently close the door a few times afterwards with the glass up while you check for any interference.

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