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Early 1600 VIN Help

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Looked at an early 1600 today.

Advertised and registered as 1967.

The Vin is 1-520-844

The FAQ VIN chart starts at-

Sept 1967 1-560-001

Is it a German car brought over??

Any Ideas or information would be appreciated.

I will email Mobil tradition.

Thanks Joseph.

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The pre-68 '02s (1600s in this case) had no differentiation VIN-wise between Euro and USA cars, because the emission and safety requirements didn't begin until 1 Jan 68. Thus the pre-68 cars all had VINs that were mixed in together and it's nearly impossible to determine how many were sold in the US in '66 and 67. 1600 VINs began with 1500001, so yours was built after around 20,000 or so had been completed. I'll bet it is (or was) 6v too.

If your car speaks Engilsh and miles (vs German and kilometers) and has a 4 way flasher switch, it's a USA version...but it could have been delivered overseas--MT should be able to tell you that.



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As Mike Self so eloquently explained already, this car was a direct import into the US at a time when VINs were interchangeable (undistinguishable between US and Europe).

That is indeed a very early VIN. I would estimate very late '66 build or very early '67 build. Contact Andreas Harz for full details on this car and they (MT) will tell you exact build date.

Just to give you an idea, I have 1521040 which is a 3/67 build and only 196 cars after you. Yours should be a 6 volt car for sure with all of the neat little early features (mech clutch, 6v, 3 guibo driveshaft, trim detail differences, etc.). Assuming it is unmolested, of course, which 99% of them aren't.

Andreas Harz

phone: +49 (0) 89/382-68 281

fax: +49 (0) 89/382-24 765

email: [email protected]

URL: http://www.historicalarchive.bmw.com

Great find! Post pics if you have 'em.

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1-520-844 was probably built in February or March of '67. My '67 (VIN 1515129) was built on Jan 26, 1967. Its nice to see more early 02s turn up.


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1530392 mfg 28 june 67 deliver to hoffman on july 5 67. My wife delivered our 4th child 5 July 95, lol.

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