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Do jets go bad? /or/ Solex PHH jet source found

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Not sure what to do here. I have a set of Solex 40 PHH carbs sitting here on the table for my 1600. They have the correct venturies and jets per the 1600ti (!).

I've also found a source for Solex PHH jets (Jaymic), but they're pretty expensive (~$100 for 4 mains, 4 corrector + 4 idle). The question is, do jets go bad? I have no idea how old the jets in the carbs are, though they're very clean, as are the PHHs.

In the interest of installing the carbs expeditiously, should I just bite the bullet and order a set, or is it unusual for them to fail? Do particular jets tend to fail more frequently than others -- e.g. do corrector jets tend to fail more than mains, etc?

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"CB Performance" also has Solex jets; www.cbperformance.com I would imagine improper cleaning of a jet would be a main reason of a jet gone bad, cleaning the jet by inserting a pin into the oriface, or something similar to a pin, as it would damage the jet and change the metered amount of fuel designed for that jet.


'69 2000

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right on! Tim, my snow-burried neighbor to the north-west.

Jets are subject to folks molesting with drills, wire, oxidation,

errosion and other unspeakable sins.

ASSUME they are buggar'd and replace all for smooth air/fuel metering and motor smoothness. THEN when you feel the need to go up or down jet sizes - you know the next larger/smaller jet is following a known good jet of the size next to it. Your just pissing in the wind with any carburetor using /old jets. ALWAYS REPLACE for your base line settings. DO NOT BUY USED JETS EITHER.

Ham-fisted shade-tree 'tuners' are great for drilling out main jets for

MORE POWER! -right up there with Distributor Twisting Till she "PiNgS' method of tuning.

For 'strange' (Non-Weber) jets - also search the Alfa Romeo community sites.

do it right - and try to do it once.

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