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A simple solution to stop these damn piss match threads. . .

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You know SteveK and Rob started this deal so folk could say what they say in response to roadfly being a bunch of fascists. Me and Mike (mostly Mike) came along and tried to help transition the old static HTML file system to a database driven system in order to improve searches and help manage a community that had basically over grown the old system.

At first I was arguing for more moderators and such .. but i've come around to the idea that LIKE IT OR NOT folk will say things a that are annoying and might disrupt things from time to time. Kinda like real life ya?

Like driving on the roads in your fine 2002 .. sometimes folk will cut you off, get in your lane.. even get you in a wreck. Such is life..

The benefit of having free speech -- no cops and no speed limit if you will -- outweighs the suffering you might get from the occasinal discomfort.

This is the autobahn I reckon .. we (the admins) will move the complete wrecks to the OT or personal attacks but otherwise we're hands off as much as possible.

Life is a highway ya?? :)

So just make the best of it. I sure hope the positive outweighs the negative .. and you can always just use your fine hominid brains to ignore a message or person you don't like. No reason to rely on software to do it for you :) The brains in even the dumbest human are far superior to the pathetic processor running this server. You all drive 70's era cars right?.. tune your own damn carbs!!!

my 02 cents

-zachary in Langlois


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