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Does anyone have a decel valve (technical name Vacuum Induction something...) for a 74 tii they would like to sell?



74 tii malaga

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the first thing you want to do with a 74tii is pull all that stuff off right? retrofitting the emissions on your car won't fix your idling problem. I mean unless you need to meet some emmissions tests don't bother. Just track down all the vacuum plugs and make sure they're good .. and check the intake for leaks. And then retune the car as per the guide http://www.thetiiregister.com/pump/index.htm

and check EVERYTHING listed there. Make sure the linkages are to spec, make sure the KF is in time and so on.. and then time it. If you have too much advance it could be strange at idle. Adjust the valves.. just do everything in that PDF and in theory it should be running as good as it can run.

The car doesn't *need* the decel valve etc.. it should run better without that stuff.

best of luck (I just did this on my 74tii and it was well worth it)


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