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Double Barrel Down Draft or Single?

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I have one of each on my 2 cars at the moment, the Weber 32/36 is jeted to CD prescription and every thing stock except for a Pertronix. The single Solex is also on a stock motor but with points. Both have similar economy (thanks CD) but the Weber definatly has more power (thanks again CD) it really comes alive over 3k rpm. Thats my quick opinion. Beaner7102

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Which do I choose? and how do they differ besides the fact that one has another barrel

Having never driven anything other than a 32/36 I always swore by it. Recently I purchased another 02 in rough stock form. The new one came with a single barrel Solex and the thing I love most is the sound. I believe the motor in the 1bbl car is in better shape so it's not a fair comparision but having now driven a 1bbl solex, a 2bbl 32/36 and a 38/38 I'd say either that the 1bbl solex is a highly under rated carb.

If it were me I'd run either the stock 1bbl or a 38/38, more of an all or nothing mentality. (I bought a 38/38 with intentions of using it daily but now have gone the EFI route) The 32/36 is a great carb and you can get good milage if you keep the secondary closed. Just like anything else - the minute you start putting your foot into it you'll see a drop in MPG.

The 32/36 is a progressive opening carb. The 36mm secondary bbl opens when the 32mm primary is roughly at 3/4 open. So you're last 1/4 throttle goes from 3/4 @ 32mm to WOT on both barrels. The 38/38 "double pumper" is gear driven so both chokes open simultaneously. (it's like a 40 DCOE standing up) This is why the 38/38 is known for lower milage because you have both venturies open more of the time.

Honestly the thing I like the most about the solex 1bbl is the simplicity. I believe that they are a wash in terms of performance/milage. A properly tuned 32/36 may have a slight advantage yielding a little more power and less fuel consumption - but not by much.

Hope that helps.... haven't posted much in a while so I thought I'd write for a while.



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