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? on Fuel Cells

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Looking to start fabricating the mountings for a fuel cell, but not sure which cell to get. Steel, aluminum, plastic, brands, etc.? I have no experience with fuel cells and would appreciate input from those who have. I need it to support my upcoming fuel injection set-up. I would like one that comes with a sender. I'll be running an external pump so thats not an issue. The car is going to be a "daily driver"/weekend racer. Looking for approximately 16 gallon. Thanks for any input.

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if you are goin to race then check the rulebooks first!

in my case they mandate a internal rubber bladder.

It depends how safe you want to be.

the best option (the one I have) is:

metal enclosure (steel or Alum.) lined by a rubber bladder with foam (to help with sloshing fuel)

I belive my 12 gal. "fuelsafe" brand with the above specs with a steel enclosure was around $700.

Next option is of course the same as above but with out the foam.


the same but without the foam and without the bladder.

then and option which is ok for street cars......Plastic cells like the ones Summit racing sells in thier catalog. CHEAP.

Then of course you could just but a metal brake, buy some sheet alum. and bend and fab. yourself a fuel cell! then weld it and pressure test it.

This is the cheapest option if you have the skills and tools. I can probably make a fuel cell for under $100 in materials. The advantage here is you can customize the size and shape to your hearts desire.

You can let your wallet decide or how nuerotic you are about safety.

here some pics of my fuel cell setup that you may or maynot have seen.





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oh yeah....

alum. or steel.......

well alum... will be lighter of course....

steel might hold up better in a cumple than alum......since alum. is softer...

BUT steel might spark while crumpling.....Alum. won't so......maybe alum. is the better option....

one thing is for sure alum. WILL be more expensive.......

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