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Oil leak-I think it may be coming from the filler tube

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On my '73 Tii:

I have motor oil that has started to accumulate on the lip of the block to the right of the filler tube/dip stick area.

I'M NOT SURE if this is correct but my dipstick stops a few inches above the block-it then has a rubber hose connection (almost like it was spliced) The rubber hose has small ring clamps which then , connect to the part of the filler tube which goes into the engine block.

Oil appears to be seeping up from the tube/block - some dripping and some accumulating on that "lip"

Was this indeed a "splice or conduit" by the PO or is it common

I'm going to pull it apart tonight-it's probably weeping and leaking

I'll post a picture when I get homw



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I have that same connection on one of my blocks-rubber hose and a pipe clamp. - it looks way crap compared to the block with a nice bolted on panel and attached dipstick tube.

The one with the panel is a '70, the other I am not sure, havn't checked the VIN actually- i suppose i should!

funny thing is, the one with the panel leaked - heh. so maybe the tube is an easy splice in to fix that leaking--

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Guest Anonymous

I had the same problem,

I took a piece of stainless tube that had the O.D. the same size as the I.D. of the dipstick tubes. A little JB Weld on the outsides of the pipe and problem solved.

A nice clean and STRONGLY REINFORCED dipstick.


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