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High oil pressure causes distributor to pop out of housing..

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is this normal or a sign of a issue somewhere?

I've before been able to loosen the distributor housing nuts

and turning the distributor to get the timing right while running

on previous cars.

unable to do this on the engine block I just got. oil pressure forces the

distributor out of the housing immediately. I can't even

hold it in.....

anyone had this happen?



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I'm trying to remember if that's supposed to be pressurised,

or just lets residual oil drain back into the head. It SEEMS like

it's not supposed to be under any real pressure- there's not much of a seal inside the dizzy housing...

but now I can't remember how oil gets OUT of that gear case.

It's never happened to me, anyways...

my gut instinct is that something is goofy with rocker plugs

or with the gasket between the housing and the head.

Let us know what you find.


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Guest Anonymous

ok. if you can undo the dist bolt and not have the dist. pop out

of the housing when running (if that is normal) especially if you have

rebuilt recently, I'd like to hear also,

so I know my other oil pump isn't on it's last legs :-)



ps. my memory is foggy, but it seems like I read something about this

high pressure problem long ago, being maybe caused by something worn, or something

installed backwards? anyone know????

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As far as high pressure, the pressure relief valve might be sticking and causing the motor to run too much pressure.

Also are you using a OE or OEM oil filter? Its possible that an aftermarket oil filter may cause issues with pressure.

Use a mechanical oil pressure gauge at the back of the head and measure as well.

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I think it should not pop out. Sorry- no idea why yours is. Did you just put this engine together?

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