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New member, clutch question...

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My name's Jon, I just picked up a '72 2002tii a couple months ago. I have to say, I really enjoy driving it.

Ever since I purchased it, the clutch has been slipping. I assume I probably just need to buckle down, and install a new one, but I'd like to make sure there isn't something little I don't know about. Are there any adjustments in the linkage that could be off and cause this? Or anything else I'm not thinking of?



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can go wrong with the system that will make it slip-

it's either an oil leak

or a worn out clutch.

The system's hydraulic, and self- adjusting,

so there's nothing you can mess with.

The one gotcha can be a damaged rubber line- they do, eventually,

harden up, and sometimes will act as 'check valves' leading to a

slipping clutch. But that's usually intermittent- it'll do it sometimes, but not always.


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Awesome, thanks for letting me know. I'll go ahead and order a clutch then.

Thanks for the help


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make sure you order all necessary pieces while you're in there

clutch release bearing bearing

pressure plate


clutch alignment tool

pilot bearing he resides in the middle of the flywheel

you don't want to take it all apart all over agian

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