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E30's in general are GREAT cars. Pract. . .

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E30's in general are GREAT cars. Practically bulletproof provided you perform some basic maintenance AND change the timing belt every ~60k without fail.

The bumper comes off with 2 large bolts that go up from the bottom thru the eyes in the bumper shocks. Some are large (~10mm) allen bolts, though most are large (~T50) torx bits. Just remove the 2 bolts from below, then pull the bumper away from the car evenly- you'll have to unplug the side marker lights too- and it will come off.

Used bumpers are ~$100-150 each, as they are a popular upgrade for the early bumper car owners (the big silver diving board bumpers like the square-tail 2002's had).

You'll find varied opinions about upgrades/mods (much like 2002's), but get the car back in good stock condition and go from there. Might want to think about lowered suspension (shocks/struts/springs) since the original parts are probably tired and worn out anyway. Wheel bearings, front control arms and rear subframe/trailing arm bushings are probably tired, and are a must do if you plan to track the car. There's not too much in the way of easy engine mods- you can get aftermarket chips but some actually lower HP- though they claim to raise it.


CRAP, this was supposed to go below danjrusdug's post about his new E30.

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...better alter yer intervals on that snappy rubber cam belt !

45,000 miles or 4 years - which ever occurs first for severe temps,

dirty, greasy, oily operating conditions

5 year / 60,000 mile (is BMW's interval) on some motors is more like 120,000 because of the above conditions.

.....do you feel lucky ??

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