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Lowering questions

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I am going to drop the '75 1.5" all around. Do I need to shorten the strut tubes? If I go with coil-overs does that do away with the rear coils? If I do need to shorten the tubes does anyone know of a good place in/around San Jose?

It is going to be a street car, semi-daily driver but with great enthusiasm. I am going to be pushing 130/140 hp.

Any help from the resident guru's would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Check out Ireland Engineering's supply. Stage 1 springs will lower the car 1.25" and Stages 2's will go 1.5"[www.bmw2002.com].

I have Stage 1's and I love them. No need to shorten strut tubes or go to coil-overs.

Beyond that, yes. If you go to coil-overs in the back, you'l lose the stock springs completely.

Good luck!

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i've talked to the ireland guys several times about this. I am trying to go for a more aggressive set up on my daily driver too. they suggested the stage 2 springs with bilstein sports and the bigger sway bars. coilovers are nice, but really really really rough for street driving. you need to shorten your struts for coilovers if you plan to run them super low. with shortened struts, you need to use the special shorter racing bilstein shocks (which cost mucho $$$). if you do choose to run coilovers, you can have them in the front and just run the stage 2 springs in the rear. many have suggested that if you do choose to run coilovers in the rear, you must support the shock towers with a brace that welds in to where the tops of the shock are. I am planning to do the stage 2 springs with bilstein sports and 23/22 mm sways. I've driven a car with this set up and it is a nice stiff, aggressive ride without needing to shorten struts or any modification like that; a little rough on the street, but tolerable (for me anyways). I have the stage 1's with bilstein HD's, its a nice ride, but not quite stiff and low enough for me.

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