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Bring your '02s to the E3 WestFest in L.A. . .

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The weekend after this upcoming one. This might be considered crashing a party, but read the email below and contact for permission. Gordon from the 02faq can probably give full details as to where. This is in Van Nuys, CA and the main attraction is Bill Arnold and his Targa Newfoundland winning Bavaria. They have a cruise on Saturday, and don't forget this Sunday is the big French and Italian Car Show at Woodley Park in Van Nuys.


From: Bill Gau

Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 16:38:25 -0700

To: [email protected]

Cc: [email protected], [email protected]

Subject: Re: westfest


I'm still in. At the bottom is the updated list of proposed attendees. I'm

glad to see Bill Arnold is coming. He knows more about racing the E3 than

perhaps anyone alive or at least stateside. For me, his Bavaria is the

pinnacle of E3s and is a must-see by anyone in the SSR.

Anyway, since you are the defacto host, it is up to you to think about what

best to do. Some thoughts on what has worked in the past and what was

idiotic (heh):


- Friday night - everyone usually gets blind drunk;

- Saturday night - usually no one is interested in drinking;

- Sunday night - hopefully, there won't be anyone left at your place, but if

so, call the local police;


Usually a nice drive is planned for Saturday . . . to a location for lunch

and back. There have been some years where short jaunts or "pilgrimages"

conducted, (i.e., EastFest 1997, to Miller & Norburn and Duke University for

a crazy photo shoot). In my experience, a LONG drive SUCKS unless it's down

some HAIRY roads. Maybe no more than 45 min to an hour a pop for three

hours or so. Cars will start to fall out after about 15 minutes anyway;


The SSR does not officially condone, endorse or oppose the consumption of

illegal drugs (to include non-taxed home made alcohol) but it has been known

to occur. If you say "no drugs" or "no alcohol" then that's that;


Prostitutes are now and have always been a staple of SSR Fests, so if

someone shows up with their "girlfriend" or "companion" please do not make

them feel uncomfortable;


A fact of life and likely to be present. You can say you want people to

keep them locked in their cars. Your house, your rules. California is a

pretty dicey state when it comes to firearms laws, and I suspect I am the

only person who will attend who understands them and is pretty much licensed

to do whatever I want. Heh.


Provisions for food is mui importante and should be #1 on the list, I

suspect. However, I don't want you to feel complelled to do antyhing beyond

what you normally would do for guests. Unfortunately for you, you agreed to

have upwards of 30 or 40 people at your house. Heh.

As long as people have access to food, then your conscience is clear. If

Del Taco is within a 10 minute drive, they are on their own. Anything

beyond is your choice.

One strategy is to have a bunch of food but take up a modest collection

($25.00 or so for each person) and dole out the goodies as they are

consumed. Just a thought.


One thing you want to do is list chapter and verse what hotels are

availalbe, locations and maybe even tleephone numbers / URLs. Let the

attenndees fend for themselves.

If you will permit cheap sons-of-bitches who want to sleep in a tent and

play webelo, give an idea as to how muchh space you have in your yard.

Also, aforementioned dorks will want to take colossal dumps in your toilet,

use your shower, etc., so you have to decide whether that is permissible,



And lastly, you can always call the police and have somenoe arrested. I

would throw a fellow SSR mmember under the bus in a New York second if they

pissed me off and you should do the same.

And the updated roster:

1) Bill Arnold - Mill Valley, CA - 1972 Bavaria (Targa Newfoundland winner)

2) John Barlow - Van Nuys, CA - many & various

3) Jim Bartridge - Sacramento, CA - 1970 2500

4) Sergio Borgiotti - San Francisco, CA - 1969 2800

5) Scott Brylow - San Diego, CA - Porsche Super 90

6) Tom Deutsch - OC, CA - 1970 2800

7) Bill Gau - Mesa, AZ - 1987 Carrera

8) Michael Harper - Sun Spots, OR - 1972 Bavaria

9) Stephen Parks - Valencia, CA - 1970 2500

10) Gordon Parr - Santa Maria, CA - 1970 2800

11) Scott Rootenberg - San Francisco, CA - 1974 3.0 S

12) Pete Schoenenberger - Modesto, CA - ???

13) David Woodham - Atlanta, GA (says he's coming but won't)

14) Alex Yiakis - Sacramento, CA - 1971 Bavaria

15) Andrey Yurovsky - San Francisco, CA - BMW 330i (I think)


Tony Sims - PNW

Craig Horrocks - Tempe, AZ


Bill Gau

SSR #002

(who has his Carrera up on jack stands awaiting parts)

PS: The more I think about it, the more I lean toward sending your wife and

children away

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Bill Arnold, the main attraction? Now that's funny.

He's a great guy!


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Keep in mind his Bavaria is a MBavaria.......or is it MBav.


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what is the date of this event? i'm in the middle of doing the weber conversion on my dad's e3, and i think this would be the perfect maiden voyage for him. what are the details on the cruise?

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the seniorsix email address above with your questions. I don't have the exact details yet. I think the cruise will go over to the mountains above Malibu. The main site is someone's home in Van Nuys.

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Well, it's not the closest (I actually count 6 that are closer), but based

on name alone I think the flop of choice has got to be;

Le Rendezvous Motel

6501 Sepulveda


----- Original Message -----


To: [email protected];[email protected]

Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Sent: 10/30/2006 9:28:02 PM

Subject: Re: westfest


15042 Vose St

Van Nuys, Ca. 91405

I will go tomorrow and pick up hotel names etc., but you can also mapquest

the address and hit "find a hotel".

Friday night: food and booze

Saturday: we will do a drive, starting at the house, going through

Mulholland Dr.[we will stop by the rock store] and down to the beach, then

back up another canyon. Afternoon food and booze.

Sunday: Recover

Menu in progress: [thank my wife Alexis]

Friday Night

'Build Your Own' Pizza & Burrito Night

Well Drinks & Keg

Saturday Morning

Danish & Coffee

Saturday Lunch

Anybody here?

Saturday Dinner

BBQ Chick 'N' Steak

Baked Potatoes


Well Drinks & Beer

Dessert & Coffee

Sunday Morning

Bloody Mary's & Scrambled Egg, Cheese, Sausage/Bacon Pie

John Barlow

P: 818.988.BMWs

F: 818.908.8825

E: [email protected]

W: www.NeueKlasseBMWs.com

W2: www.SoCAl02.com

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