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Wiring to Solenoid

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I have posted new pictures

On my 1973 Tii:

Picture # 3 is the 2 wires that come from the wiring harness on my 1973 Tii - 1 is from the ignition switch. The other I don't know. It appears that they will both be connected through a single female connector to my to the male connector on the Solenoid.

Picture # 2 is the wire with the female connector that these 2 wires converge into that will then attach to my solenoid male connector

Picture #1 is the same set up on my 1976 2002 but appears that both wires remain separated until they meet at the female plug

Does this sound correct?

Does anyone know what the other wire (besides the ignition wire) is?

Should I keep these 2 wires separated (like on my 1976) ?



I apologize for being an electrical moron but do not want to burn up my car




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Guest Anonymous

- indicates there are two black wires that terminate at the starter solenoid. One is the ignition switch connection and the other goes to Pin #7 of the diagnostic plug.

Pic. #2 doesn't appear to be OEM.

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Your basic starter circuit setup requires only two wires. There should be a big-ass (~4awg?) black wire running between the + terminal on your battery to a ring shaped connector on a stud near the solenoid. That circuit provides the main power to the starter when the solenoid kicks the starter motor in.

The second circuit is energized through the starter switch and causes the solenoid to engage the starter motor (completes the +12V circuit to the motor from the big wire and moves the shaft of the motor in so that it engages the flywheel gear). Typically, the wire for this circuit is much smaller, and terminates in a female spade connector at the solenoid (some cars might have a small stud on the solenoid with a small ring connector on the wire).

Some 02s will have a third circuit that provides +12V to the coil ballast resistor by-pass relay in the ignition system at the coil. This is so that, when you engage the starter, the ballast resistor is by-passed with +12V to provide a bit more juice to the coil when you are starting the motor. So, that second wire likely originally ran up to that by-pass relay. This relay typically is mounted on the firewall or fender up near the coil. Later cars (>'73, I believe) have the resistor incorporated into a wire, as opposed to having the big 'ol ceramic heat sink.

It is true that some wiring diagrams will also show this third circuit also connected to the diagnostic connector, but that is not really consequential to this discussion.

Is your ballast resistor circuit intact? Also, what kind of coil are you running?

As another poster has said, that white wire appears to be some kind of kludge that a PO installed. If your ballast resistor circuit is still in place, then you should hook that circuit back up (although the lack of it will likely not keep the car from starting... obviously, if your car has been running).

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