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Leaky pan- cork gasket advice

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I will be dropping the sub frame and I figure its the time to tackle that leaky pan..... again. Last time I did it with the engine in place (raised it up as far as I could without draining the coolant) and pulled the oil pump to get the pan out. I used orange flavored sillycone- just a little more than a smidgeon mind you. I did try to peen the bolt holes back into shape- they seemed to be hardened and did not move much. I torqued it to spec if i remember correctly- which I may not. So this time I'm thinking to try the gasket dry- no nothin and just see how it goes. Am I stupid? One reason for trying it dry- aside from reading about it here- is because it is not easy to get sealent here as nobody actually fixes anything. for example I went to a car fixit place- rather well outfitted it seemed and asked them to sell me a helicoil insert and they had no idea. They said that if the manifold stud had stripped the head that I would need to replace the head. And they are the pros.........

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Once you have the pan out, clean it so you could eat off it, and put it upside down on a table, see it it rocks around, if it does, no amount of goop or gasket will help - get the hammers out and start pounding at the high spots. Then refit, you can use the cork gasket, but use Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket. No.3 Non Hardening sealing compound if you can get it. I use it and it never leaks. Beaner7102

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