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Rear End Issues

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I have a strange problem with my ’73 02. I have not had it long and have therefore not had long to come to terms with what is good or what is bad (beyond the assessment I made when I bought it). I had it relatively heavily loaded the other day (5 people plus some small luggage and tools) and a noise started to come from the rear end that sounded like a CV joint rattle. The noise left again once the car was emptied, so I have not gotten too stressed about it.

I have not been underneath since this time but I don’t remember any obvious signs of problems (split boots / gaiters etc).

I have also noticed an occasional thump from the rear end when letting the clutch in, though to be honest that could just be stuff sliding around in the trunk.

My questions are: what are the main problems with the rear end of an 02? what is likely to wear in terms of mounts, bushes etc? are the CV joints weakspots that are likely to show up as the symptoms described?

Thanks in advance


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I would suggest that with possibly 40 year old suspension the arse of the car was draggin in the weeds.

Look round the wheel rches for rubbing marks, do you have mud flaps fited, they could also be grounding.

Check the easy things first before you get into bushes and C/V's etc.

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