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Shots fro Concours de Grayln in Winston Salem, NC

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First Annual Concour de Grayln was held in Winston Salem, NC. There was a very good turnout of all Marques, European, Japanese and American. There were several BMW from the Triad area there organized by Scott Sturdy.

Here are just a few shots of some of my favorite non BMW cars there.


Stoudt Scareb, only nine ever built. Ford motor.



Rolls previously owned by Earnest Hemingway. It was auctioned at the event.


Well driven Bentley


Handbuilt car on a TR3 running gear. I forgot all of the details on this car, but it has an interesting history. It won one of the prizes and will be at the Euro Festival at the Zentrum


My favorite, a 72 Datsun 510 with 7,000 original miles and original tires


One of the many Alfas


A rare Dino siting


Peter Brock was there telling stories of his days at GM, Ford, Shelby and at BRE. HE told the story of this Citroen, being the first car company to cut helio (sp?) type gears instead of straight cut gears, he said the inverted Vs on the grill is to represent this innovation.


Peter told the history of this Bantam, made in Butler, PA, before the war, was one of America first compact cars. This car is really smaller than what it appears. The designer went on to design the Deusenburg (sp?) and the plant went on to produce Jeeps during the war.

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Great shots Bill! Thanks for sharing. I envy you...where do you find the time? I haven't even had time to drive one of my '02's for weeks...there's always "necessary stuff" to get out of the way first..then it's either raining or too darn dark out!!! sheesh! Ah, to retire!!!!

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Sorry to have missed you guys this weekend. Of eight vehicles, we have only one that was running yesterday, and I doubt that a 2005 Ford Focus station wagon would have been granted a space on the show field. I spent yesterday underneath Hector the Monster Truck, replacing the springs. Pulling the U-Bolts off a 28-year old farm truck proved to be harder than I thought, and my knuckles have been reduced to bloody pulps. But Uncle Rick and I managed to muscle in a new set of mains and helpers, so Hector's capacity now is about 2 tons. Plenty enough to carry Izzy on the flatbed.

I never thought I'd live to see the day that Scott attends a "pretty car" event. But I note the ominpresent Jagermeister crate up top on the roof rack -- the ultimate thumb-your-nose at the Scotch (or is it Brandy?) bottle in the back of the Scareb. Atta boy, Scott.

I love the Datsun. My friend Joe Tombari and I used to go crusin' in high school in a white version of that car. Were we cool, or what?

BTW, nice pictures, Mike. I hereby relinquish my Roundel photog duties to you. But you realize, of course, that if you take pictures for Roundel, you must submit at least on picture of your arse for publication. :-)

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Sure, wait till I move to have more fun. Touring looks really good Mike.

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Great Event! Thanks for the pics.

Humberto mentioned it to me last week and it seems that it was very well planned and organized.

The Triumph car and its restoration was featured in the Hemmings Sports Cars magazine a few issues ago. It was designed by one of the famous Italian design houses (can't remember which now) and the guys who restored it did a beautiful job. They had to hand-build many sheet metal parts to get it done.

Hope to see you guys at the Euro at the Zentrum next month!!

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