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Opinions on NULON

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Well,from all accounts it can`t work.BUT i have a mate that runs it in his old bomb cars and swears it has kept them running much longer than they should/would have.Because of his total faith in it,i decided to try it in my`98 diesel rodeo.If you`ve ever heard one of these running,especially when cold,you`ll know how much noise the engine makes.Sounds like there`s no oil in it at all,let alone no oil pressure.So i decided to try some of this `snake oil` to see what happens.Only put in 1/2 a bottle.Well bugger me if the engine is HEAPS quieter.I thought "rubbish,this can`t work.It would all be caught in the oil filter". So next oil change i didn`t bother putting any more in.Sure enough,back to the "bucket of bolts" sounds again.I still didn`t believe it can work,so i left it out from then on.

Then last oil change i found the other 1/2 bottle and thought "what the hell" and put it in.Sure enough the noisy engine is quiet again.The car has done 275,000K`s and never had a spanner on it.

I still don`t know how it doesn`t all end up in the filter within the 1st 5 minutes but it seems to make the engine smoother and quieter.


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The story goes that the Teflon emulsion has small enough components to go straight through a std full flow filter. I don't know about the engine additive, but I am a believer in their gearbox additive for quieting down noisy bearings and improving synchros.

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