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How to fix leaking steering box input shaft seal

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While I had my subframe out I fixed my leaking steering box.

Mine was leaking from the input shaft.

I had the steering box on my work bench and I was able to remove the shaft seal without taking the steering box apart. I did this by poking a small screw driver along the side the input shaft and into the inside edge of the seal and prying up, working my way around. I was so happy when the thing popped up! At first I tried poking a hole in the seal to dig in an pry up, but the seal started getting pushed in and I found that the seal had metal inside it. I had already obtained a replacement seal

The size is metric and marked on the seal that I read with a magnifying glass.

18x30x7 shaft seal.

I got mine from Motion Industries for $2.17 as I could drive to one of their places.


When I got it the packaging revealed that Motion got it from this place that might come in use for someone.


I hope the pitman arm end of the thing doesn’t start leaking because that will be a bear to get the arm off.

Most bearings and seals have their specs on them so you can usually get a replacement for these from a generic dealer if not BMW. I got my transmission bearings and seals this way, years ago.

Good luck.

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don't want to be a killjoy here but from experience I have had in the past (on other makes of car to be fair) seals in a steering box that leak bad enough to warrant changing mean that the bearings and bushes inside are worn to the point that that the eccentric movement of the shafts causes the seals to be deformed, hence the leak. the loss of oil cause more wear and so on and so forth...

I suppose that it might hold together for a while until the rubber hardens a bit which may give enough time to sort it out properly but in my experience that is just a matter of time.

I hope I am wrong with this one and please if someone knows better chime in...


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