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Karl is Starting to Sweat it!

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First off, tomorrow is my first BMW track meet and I am super excited!

So in order to get into the spirit of tomorrow, Karl and I went for a drive down to where the races will be - The Motorsport Capital of Australia, Eastern Creek, NSW! But when I got back, I checked my email because it's been a few days. Guess who's on the way to Sydney?!!!

"BERTIE"!!! (the new red roundie off eBay)

I got sent this pic of him on the transport truck from yesterday morning. So now all we have to do is sit and wait for the Monday/Tuesday delivery. This car looks really clean, and I think me and Karl are starting to get worried! He might have some local competition coming to town!


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Cool! I hope it is all you had hoped!

The Motorsport Capital of Australia, Eastern Creek, NSW!

Questionable... Bathurst, NSW... is the spiritual home of Australian motorsports - hence why the Australian Motorsports Museum is there with some of the most historically significant Aussie race cars.

Not to mention Bathurst has about 5 times more people attend their single event each year - the Bathurst 1000 race - than thye total of all Eastern Creek's races held there each year...


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Yee, I agree with you there, Todd that it would be Bathurst, but there is a sign up when you are driving to the track that says "Welcome to Blacktown" and under it, it says "Eastern Creek- The Motorsport Capital of Australia". I even questioned boyfriend about it.

Maybe that was before Bathurst?? They should change the sign!

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