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First 2002

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My wife and I are considering purchasing a 2002. We intend to use it as a daily commute car (10 - 15 miles/day) and for the occassional weekend rally.

Being REAL NEW to the marque are there any suggestions regarding our first purchase - for example, a specific year to buy or avoid? Also is there anything special we should look for when making our purchase?

If Iwe can be directed to an existing thread - great! Otherwise, thanks for your comments.

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Are you in the Portland area?

.......and if you are, are you considering the

white 76 in Canby, OR?

If you are in the Portland area, there willll be a bunch of 02 people getting together on this coming Sunday, the 17th.

See....... http://www.pacificfest.com

There will be any number of folks you can bounce your questions off of........but you'll receive a zillion different answers. Everyone has an opinion and a lot will differ.

For example, I'm not nearly as fond of squaretail cars w/ big bumpers as I am of the earlier roundtail cars.

Try this page for a decent overview: http://www.bimmers.com/02/


Jerry Curry

Salem, OR

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1. Buy one w/as little rust as poss.! 2. Buy the best one your budget can stand -- unless you enjoy lengthy projects. 3. Decide what's important re. your car: roundie vs. squarie, tii vs. carb., sunroof, a/c, stock or modified, color, etc. 4. Lurk here, roadfly, Ebaymotors, craigslist, bimmers.com, etc. to learn more. 5. Go to a local BMWCCA meeting & talk w/a 2002 owner. 6. Go see some and kick some tires espec. if you can take an '02 owner along w/you for their expertise. (Some will be ratty & some will make you say: WOW.)7. Ask yourself why you want one in the 1st place. If you are really motivated & excited over having one of your own over the coming years, go for it! Keep in mind that a $500 2002 is generally much more expensive (over time) than the $8,000 beauty. Already sorted out is very good as the PO paid for the improvements --- you get them for cents on the dollar.

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There is a list of what to look for in a 2002. It's not a "bible", so to speak, but it can give you a good start. The link is....


Also, you need to be careful about smog requirements in your state (if you live in the US). 1975/76 cars are subject to smog testing that could, potentially, cost more money than you want to spend.

My personal advice is to find a car that has almost no rust (you'll be hard-pressed to find on with no rust), one that has a number of upgrades or restoration parts already installed, and one that appeals to you.

The square taillight cars ('74 thru '76) don't seem to be as preferred as the roundies, but it's a matter of taste really. Also, if you are forced to choose between a Tii and a (more common) 2002, go for the Tii. You can find the differences between the two models on Wikopedia.

Another good idea is to scroll through the articles and entries on this web-site. It will give you a fair understanding of the typical faults you might find in these cars.

Whatever you do, don't despair. The great things about this site are the friendship and support freely given from people who appreciate the car as much as you do. Whereas other forums and sites are often tainted with angry jerks, this site is full of amazingly kind and gifted "friends".

I'm sure someone else will pipe in here with more info, so I'll step back and let them take the stage...

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...be vary afraid !

take a flashlight and magnet when inspecting any 1600 - 2002 !

lift up all carpets, remove spare tire, LOOK up underneath every inch(mm) of the car. Road testing and driving will show you the obvious.


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I just purchased my first 02 (74 tii) Labor day weekend, I used partially for everyday driving and partially just for fun. Great car to have, I will say if you can a tii I would highly reccomend it but any 02 is guaranteed to be a good time.

I agree with others look for as little rust and as many upgrades as you can find it will save you money in the long run. Espsecially the suspension upgrades will make for a better ride. Mine gets a little scary at 75-80 mph with the stock suspension.

Well just a little insight from a new owner


'74 tii

Merrillville IN

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