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Springs advice sought

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2 questions:

1) What springs should I use with Bilstein Sports up front, and HD's in the rear?

(for this excersise, assume that I will be keeping this shock combo.)

2) How much dismantling do you have to do to install front springs?




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I went with H&R and love them, they are progressive and seemed to lower the car about 1.5"-2", which was fairly dramatic but I like the result. One thing I did need to do was increase the size of the rear spring perch spacer to bring the rear up slightly; without that change the butt was lower than the front.

I am running 185/60 on 14" bottlecaps and have no rubbing.

Installation is not hard, but it's not very fun. If you haven't already, consider doing a full front suspension R&R, it's really not much more work at all and you won't have to take all that crap apart again for a really long time.

All you really need to do is remove the sway bar link, remove the caliper, the 3 special-holy-crap-those-are-expensive-safety-bolts (which you *will* strip somewhat, dammit), undo the 3 strut bearing mounting bolts and from there you can push down on the control arm and ease it on out as one unit.

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Yeah, I just paid someone else to do the extensive front end overhaul, which is why I dont want to do it again. I just thought that if it was possible to somehow "work them on" without too much heartburn, I would try it, but otherwise, I will skip it.

its just that the car is a little bit bouncy with the sports and springs that I have now. It was REALLY bouncy before I putt he HD's back on the rear.

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If it is bouncy, then it is not the springs that are the problem, it is the shocks. They are supposed to stop the bouncy and with sports in the front you should have no bounce at all! The HDs do let a little bounce through, but they still should damp it out quickly.

I have gone with full Koni low pressure gas shocks (custom install with adjusters on top) and H&R springs. Awesome ride and adjustable to suit your taste.

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