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02 sightings - Seattle and Boulder

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Hey all,

i've been out of touch for the last week. the wife and i headed out west to visit my brother and his wife and our new niece! they live in seattle. i had hoped to make a post and meet up with some seattle 02ers, but my sis-in-law was kind enough to give me her cold, so i spent my vacation under the weather...despite the amazing weather in seattle over labor day weekend.

so, as we were driving on meridian around 155th st. my brother pointed out "the guy's house who has the old BMWs." a braun squarie out front and an E9 coupe in the driveway. also spied a polaris roundie on southbound I-5 last tuesday morning around 8am. sounded wicked under the overpass and it was hauling ass! either of you guys on the boards???

then it was off to boulder, CO to visit friends. we spied two braun 02s, one with turbine wheels on 30th turning into a gas station wednesday afternoon. the other was in rough shape but looked like someone was having fun with it... rust holes everywhere and a bike rack on the roof parked on pearl thursday evening. i also caught a glimpse of an inka or colorado zipping along spruce street tuesday evening, but couldn't tell if it was a roundie or squarie from the side as it sped past from 2 blocks away.

sound familiar to anyone???

great to see 02s across the country!!


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I have a knack for finding total rustbuckets --- the "when I get around to it" project cars... If the values keep climbing, they may get the round tuit that they need.

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