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Engine noise

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I am no expert when it comes to engines. I recently bought a 1802 and it makes a wailing noise when I drive between 30 and 55 mph. It is only at this speed and only when I press down the accelerator.

Can anyone tell me what this is, and what to do?

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When you say 'wailing' can you describe the sound better? Do you know what an engine "pinking" sounds like?? It occurs, when the engine timing is too advanced and the plug fires too early, combusting the fuel and tries to push the piston down, but the piston is still on the way up to TDC, so it’s trying to go 2 directions at the same time. Its most noticeable under load, like when accelerating from 30 to 50mph. Try checking your timing and see if that fixes it. Beaner7102

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