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Windshield install made easy.

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video links above are broken....


Vintage video makes it look SO easy!




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I am going to add my tips to this thread after doing it today. 

  • Buy a BMW seal - for the love of god. 
  • The windshield weighs about 30 lbs, it's not super heavy, but buying some $20 glass suction cups on Amazon makes it a breeze to pull out and position. 
  • When removing your old windshield DO NOT PUSH IT OUT WITH YOUR FEET. You will break it. Ask me how I know. First remove the lock strip, then carefully - carefully pull it out from the bottom with a little bit of wiggling. Use the suction cups if you bought em! 
  • Use some soapy water for fitting the seal around the glass - prodigious amounts. However, use WD-40 to fit the gasket to the body. It won't trap water, and it "lubes" better. 
  • Use thick-ish rope, about the diameter of the chrome lock-strip. Get about 40 feet of it. 
  • When you wrap the rope around the gasket, do it twice and don't end the tips at the top - end them at each opposing bottom corner like pigtails. What this lets you do is pull the full length of the bottom 3x and the top and sides 2x in one shot. The bottom section is a total pain in the ass, and often botched my install because the lip wouldn't always grab. I call this the "pretzel method." You apply pressure to the bottom corner of the side you're starting on and pull the full length while always keeping pressure on the outside of the window (you might need a helper). If you fuck it up, you still got two passes left. 
  • Don't slap the windshield in place as recommended. You only need to apply firm steady pressure. Slapping the glass with cause any little rock-chip to turn into a crack. Again ask me how I know. 
  • Soak the lock strip in hot soapy water for 20 minutes or so. Trying to force a coiled lock-strip in is gonna make you go insane and yell at your dog. Use the lock strip tool. 
  • Putting in the lock tab can be the cherry atop a bitch sundae. Push it into the lock strip, then slide it back in place. 
  • A replacement windshield from Pilkington is about $240, which is identical to BMW OEM. Fu Yao makes windshields for about $120, but no one on the forum has installed one. 
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