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'02 Buyer's Guide!

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I know several of these exist elsewhere but i think they can all be improved upon. When I bought my car i made a number of mistakes and that can be one thing in the article, what *not* to do. And the flipside of that of course is what to look for. This article should also clearly show all the different models and model differences. Thats one thing that the 02 world definitely lacks, is ONE guide with ALL the changes, and when they happened!

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Brian Foster is looking for HELP with his Buyers' Guide project, and he might as well get it here!! :)

Okay... I finally finished my Masters in Information Systems Management and I want to get back to the BMW 2002 Buyer's Guide website I created for one of the classes.

I am going to do this in stages and need your help. The first step will be related to the body. I would like to request pictures be sent to [email protected] for the following:

1. Early 1600 grills

2. Early 2002 grills -- I know there are at least two types.

3. Late Plastic Grills

4. Pictures of the front turn signals (early flush, late bulb type, euro flush including pictures of the Italian turn signals people love).

5. Pictures of the correct reflector placement (front and rear)

6. Rear lights - early red center round, later orange center round, and square taillights.

7. Correct license plate frame lights from the kind that mount on the rear panel to the ones on the license plate frame and in the bumper (I need correct placement pictures for the ones in the bumper).

Let's start with these.

In the email with the pictures, you need to supply me explicit permission to use the pictures on the website. I will credit you with supplying them.

Send all pictures to: [email protected]

Thank you,

Brian Foster

PS. The Buyer's Guide project I have been working on is located at www.rennsport.net. I will make the information and the source available to all FAQers and will work with the FAQ management to move it here when it gets closer to completion. -B

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Thanks... I didn't realize this was here -- but, it makes perfect sense.


I set it up to notify me when you post a reply here. So, you can post pictures here (with permission for me to use them for the Buyer's Guide) or mail them to me at [email protected]

I will continue to post requests for pictures and details including knowledge you have acquired about the 02s (and give you proper credit).

Don't wait for me to send you requests for pictures and details.

Here are some additional pictures I would like to get:

- correct belt line trim... including the early 1966-67 front and rear trim

- if someone has the beltline trim on upside down, then I would love a picture of it.

- I need pictures of correct placement of the side impact trim on 1972 and later cars

- Definitely want bumper pictures of the different bumpers including:

- 1966-1967 bumpers (with correct overriders)

- 1968-1971 bumpers (with correct overriders)

- 1972 US bumpers

- 1973 US bumpers

- 1974-1974 bumpers

How about dashes and instrument clusters too? I know of at least the following:

- 1966-67 3-piece

- 1968-71 3-piece 2002A instruments should be a clock for tachometer

- 1972-73 3-piece 2002 and 2002tii

- 1974-76 1-piece 2002, 2002A, and 2002tii

Different seats?

- early no-headrest (I have some in my garage I can use for pics, but if you have restored seats, then pics of these would be better than mine).

- early headrests

- late headrests

- 320i headrests

- pictures of the different seat rails (with tab, without, with different handles, etc.)

You get the idea of what I am trying to accomplish. It shouldn't be an authenticity guide. So, suitable modifications and custom items will also be accepted (such as Recaro seat pictures from a 320is or aftermarket seats that bolt in easily).

I would also like to start accumulating pictures of wheels that fit our cars. So, start sending those too.

Make sense?

Hope so... if not, then email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you,

Brian Foster

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It's still up and I would be willing to resume working on it. Feel free to send detailed pictures to me and I will repair some of the problems on the site as it exists today. -B

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