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early dash/center console

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Guest Anonymous

Anyone with an early car want to send me some pictures of what they should look like? I've got a 1970 and can't make heads or tails of what is supposed to go where and what does what. All I know is that I have four pull knob switches (cigar lighter, 3 postion fan switch?, 2 position light switch, 2 position windshield washer switch?) on the dash, three slider controls, and turn signal switch on the left of the steering column and an arm opposite that that says 'wipe' and 'wash'. Any input on anything would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Guest Anonymous

If you have a 1970 car, something is whacky about your steering column levers based on your description. Here's how a 1970 should be set up switchwise:

Dash switches:

upper left: headlights/parking lights

lower left: 3 speed heater fan switch

upper right: cigarette lighter

lower right: two speed wiper switch (off, low, high)

left of instrument binnacle: red pull knob for 4 way flashers

steering column:

left side: headlight flasher (pull towards you) and high/low beam (Up and down motion)

right side: turn signal switch (up for left, down for right); pull toward you for a windshield washer squirt and about 5 strokes of the wipers.

No switches on the center console, just an ashtray and optional radio.

Later cars had wiper on/off on right side switch, then in '74 turn signal went to left side, all wiper speeds plus wash went to right stalk.

Sounds like someone did some switchy-swappee...

Hope this helps



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Guest Anonymous

on the dash, on either side of the gauges, I have

upper left:looks like fan switch (kind of like a star)

lower left: lights

upper right: cig lighter

lower right: wipers

I don't know where this red pull knob is for the flashers. I do know however that I have a red button that says 'hazard' that is located under the the left stalk in a black piece of plastic that covers the underside of the steering column.

your description of the left stalk seems to match mine, but my right stalk, at the end of the arm, has an arrow pointing down that says 'wash' and three traingles pointing up that says 'wipe' (it wouldn't suprise me if the car has two controls for the wipers, neither of which probably work)

i just wondered about the center console because i have seen other people talk about a green button or something on the center console.

I make no guarntees about the correctness of the car. I just bought it from a guy in San Diego and from what I can tell, he was driving without any lights, he installed a fuel pump in the trunk to push fuel past a hole in the line instead of repairing it (which filled the floor of the car with gas), and he put parts of a 12 fuse wiring harness in the car, making the task of sorting it out suicidal (I am ready to rip it out and start again.)

If you could send me pictures (if you have a 70) it would be a tremendous help.

thanks a million,


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Guest Anonymous

I have an early '71, Robin, which is essentially the same as a '70. It sounds like the previous owner has swapped your heater blower ("star") and light switches. You have some later stalks--the right stalk should be turn signals up/down and washers when pulled toward the driver. The left stalk should be up for high beams and pulled toward you for flashing brights. Neither is labeled on my car.

I have a large translucent red plastic knob to the left of the instrument cluster, mounted in a vertical position--you pull up for 4-ways. I know some early cars had a similar sort of hazard switch mounted under the steering column or dashboard, but I don't think it was a push button. Do you have a hole drilled in the horizontal part of your dash for the switch?

The center console should be a short style, not surrounding the shift lever, and you should have a round rubber shift boot. The console should have a large wooden panel at the top with a centrally mounted ash tray--no buttons (later cars had the hazard switch and either a blank, fog light or rear defroster switch mounted on either side of the ash tray). If you have a radio, it would be mounted below the ash-tray panel, but I don't believe any radios were factory-installed; they were, at best, a dealer option.

I have some photos of my interior on a CD at home; I can email them to you (or post 'em here) tomorrow if you like.

Hope that helps,


Colorado '71

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