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Anyone here like IKEA?


Do you like IKEA furniture?  

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  1. 1. Do you like IKEA furniture?

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Wife and I went shopping at the new IKEA store in Frisco, TX yesterday. Ended up buying furniture. (Not yet delivered)

Are their furniture of good quality and do they last? We need a good living room set but we live in an apartment so longevity isn't an issue. (We are going to start house-shopping again in a couple of months.) The goal for the new furniture is to replace the crappy stuff we have (from Roomstore) and last for a while in the new house we eventually will move into.

I'm going to try the Poll feature to see if it works. Yes if you like IKEA, No if you don't.

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I like it a lot. It's reasonably priced, and I like the modern style most of it is in. Some of it is junk, but some is very good in terms of quality. There's no Ikea near here, but Target seems to be branching into that market a little bit.

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my wife is at IKEA as i type this. the only good thing about that is she didnt take my truck. i think shes just getting picture frames for her new office. IKEA, in my opinion is fine for inexpensive fairly good furniture but i wouldnt count on getting anything classic there. in otherwords, i doubt youll own anything you get there for 20 or more years. but then a lot of people seem to like to change stuff anyway. i really enjoy buying quality classic stuff and then using it until maggots are crawling from my orifices. i dislike the throw away mindset. thats why i love old cars. nothing wrong with IKEA though really

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We like it quite a bit. It's hit and miss...some stuff is really nice quality for the money while other things are crap. We just finished installing an IKEA kitchen about two months ago and so far I'm really pleased. It's hard work putting it all together but it installs great and is very well thought out in terms of functionality. Plus it's way cheaper than standard Home Depot or semi-custom kitchen stuff. I've attached a pic...we've since added the missing cabinet doors, we had to reorder four doors that had been damaged in shipment. I cannot speak highly enough of the management of the IKEA in White Marsh, Md., near Baltimore. We had some problems ordering the kitchen due to inexperienced staff but they really made things right at their expense.

Furniture-wise, there's some stuff that is cheap and looks cheap but serves its purpose, there's some stuff that's expensive but is crap, and other stuff that is inexpensive but looks and acts pricey. My advise is to thoroughly examine the construction of any major furniture item prior to purchase to make sure you like how it goes together. I've got a sleeper sofa from them that I'm less than thrilled about...the framing inside one of the armrests gave way which isn't great.

Caveat emptor is the word at IKEA but overall I rate it highly.


Tim L.
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