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Guest Anonymous

Just an update to '02's in movies...Cheesey Barbara Streisand movie I was watching last night had a shot of an '02. "For Pete's Sake", 1974.

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Guest Anonymous


could make a list up for the Reference section... might be fun! Screenshots would be even coooler! Just a thought... any volunteers? ;)


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Guest Anonymous

Movies which have a 2002 either in the background

or driven by the main character in the movie:

(some movies, unconfirmed, later movies in this

list contain old bimmers)

1.) The China Syndrome :

2.) Perfect :

3.) Backdraft : car wouldn't start-go figure

4.) Multiplicity :

5.) Personal Best :

6.) And justice for all :

7.) Maria : sissy spacek

8.) The couch trip : Dan Akroyd steals a brown

square-tail when he breaks out of the mental

hospital in 'The Couch Trip' also starring Charles


9.) Casino (in the background, parked across the

street, when Sharon Stone returns to her Las

Vegas mansion all pissed off at Di Niro) :

10.) Rush Hour- Chris Tucker picks up Jackie

Chan from the airport and while cruising in their

car a 2002 appears RIGHT behind their


11.) Profiler (TV Show) When this series first

began the hot blonde woman in the show drove a

2002 and it was on most of the shows. : -Raul : PS

Popcorn anybody?

Dark City

among the rather eclectic collection of vehicles in a


of city traffic scenes I easily picked out the front

profile of at least

a couple of 02s, round tail light versions (they had

the chrome, not

black, grills).

Endless Summer

When they were in Cape Town South Africa I saw a

1602 and

a 2000. They all had surf boards on top of them.

The Nice Guys

(UK tv series) 02 Touring in Sahara

No Mans Land

It is about a guy that steals Porsches. Charlie

Sheen, bla

bla. Not a bad flick, but the best part is the very last

scene. The good

guy and the bad guy go up to a roof parking lot.

Just as they step out

from the door, there is a quick glimpse of a

siennabrun square lite o2

behind them. Then , immediately, as they keep

walking , they pass avery

clean Fjord or polaris squre lite with late style

alloys. This was

nuts-2 02s in 10seconds that were not planted but

just happened to be

there. Later, the bad guy dies next to the blue

one-74 I think.

Willy Wonka White pre 74 02. It was interesting to

see it in one scene

and then later in another unrelated scene. The

later scene featured it

slumming next to a brand new 356.

Hanging Up

Meg Ryan movie preview , look closely for a late


'02 pulling away from the street from a scene

perhaps halfway through

the trailer.

"For Pete's Sake", 1974

Cheesey Barbara Streisand movie I was watching

last night had a shot of

an '02.

Captian America

Man On The Roof" A late '70's Swedish film had a

'02 in it. It suffered

a door ding to establish a character's uh..


Chasers with Tom Berenger.Twice in the movie

they drive over the same

bridge (in the begining and the end) and the same

'02 is in both scenes.

Assignment:Munich mid-1960's spy movie where a

white BMW 1600

convertible is driven and ceremoniously wrecked

into the steps of a

museum or similar building

The Racing Scene" on Speedvision,

fake/questionable documentary

staring/about/narated by James Garner during the

early 70s. Lots of

racing footage with numerous 02s and new classe

sedans on the track. One

close-up shot of an 02 with a female driver and a

breakdown (something

about hitting on her, I don't quite remember). No

listing of this film

in the internet movie database.

Day for Night Francois Truffaut's "", and obscure

1972 French film about

the making of a French film (!). Lots of interesting

old cars including

a 68 Camaro SS (rare in France) a few Triumphs

(inluding a TR-3 that

belongs to the assistant director, that he decides

to use in the crash

scene) the usual collection of Austin Minis (BTW,

seen the "new" BMW

Mini Cooper in Autoweek?) Deaux Chaveaus,

Triumph cycles, Citroens

and... of course Truffaut has a 1600 Baur Cabriolet

for himself to drive

in the film (and fortunately, it does not go over the

cliff like the

TR-3). I had to rewind the film a few times to catch

the '02 scenes.

Just caught a movie, circa 1995 on "BSTARZ"

("Black Starz" on cable)

called "Klash" taking place in Jamaica, that had an

Inka right hand

drive 2002 in it (little bumpers, but plastic grills and

square tail

lights... so basically like a brittish '02 from '73 on).


Movie starred Jasmine Guy (only wearing clothes

in a few of her many

scenes) and tons of rasta-mon Jamaican's. Ohh,

also a cameo performance

by the early 90's rap/rasta artist known as "Snow"

(Remember the song

"Informer"?). Quite comical. Show's the Inka '02

several times,

including gettaway footage, and bullets narrowly

missing the paintwork

on it. You also hear it "peel" out, and take off.

Although the engine

sounded more like a 16v GTI. Hehe....


Sissy Spacek drives one

Love Bug First Movie(Turbo in race)

Wayne's World


Man On The Roof (a Swedish film I'm told)

The Game (on Market Street) (might just be mike

douglas' 7 series he


Mr. Bean

Sharky's Machine old movie from 1981 staring Burt

Reynolds and Rachel

Ward. There is a 2002 in the first gun fight scene.

"The Italian Job" (1969, good year) with Michael


BAD DAY ON THE BLOCK The movie came out in

97 and is about a whacked out

fireman (Charlie Sheen) who is taking his

frustrations out on his

neighbors. Pretty good flick!

Il Cinta. Italian film- It's a true story about Peppino

Impastata (sic).

In the movie, he is murdered by some Sicilian

mafiosos driving a

sienabrun '02. Typical foreign film, nice but slow.

"Confession" with Alec Baldwin & Ben Kingsly, The

main character (a

lawyer played by Alec Baldwin) drove a black 2002



UNCONFIRMED: Never say Never I think, was

set in Germany, with the police driving 5's. In one

chase scene, they

had a 5 going backwards, with another going

forwards, nose to nose, then

the one in the front did a perfect reverse flick turn

and ended up going

forwards. I embarrassed my then girlfriend by

spontaneously bursting

into applause...

The Boys from Brazil(1978) There are BMW's all

over the place,especially

in Paraguay.The most horrific scene was a Nazi

assassin ramming what I

believe to have been a 3.0 litre coupe into a giant

crate of empty wine


Ronin With a bevy of hot European metal going

ballistic through the

French countryside, with the total highlight of the

film being a full

speed chase through Paris in an M5!! And I do

mean full speed, we're

talking black lines everywhere, bouncing off buses,

etc., etc. Totally


Summer of Sam?

barry newman "give me a fast little car" they give

him a 1602.

roy schneider in a white 2002.

Also, I remember a show about a pair of detectives

on CBS around 1983-86

(possibly made in Canada?) mediocre tv, but there

was an orange 2002

(with blacked-out chrome, no front bumper and an

air dam) that appeared

in every episode numerous times as a background

car/something to hide

behind during the many shoot-outs. I forget the

show's name, however

(not surprisingly).

Kevin Bacon drove one in "She's Having a Baby".

They later traded it in

for a 3-series.

When a Man Loves a Woman: Meg Ryan. Andy

Garcia drives a beautiful silver with blue

pinstriping 3.0 CSi

I've yet to notice any mention of the prominent use

of an early 02 in

one of the first two feature films by Jane Campion.

I just can't

remember which film had it, "Sweetie" or "An Angel

at my Table." These

films were first out a dozen years ago, and were

waay cooler than her

later big hit flic "The Piano." Anyway, this 02 was

filmed inside & out,

and of course being "down under," it was RHD.

Which brings me 'round to

ask - How come even that OZ web site you

reference does not include this

NZ-born director's work?

here's some addresses i got the info from:



[email protected]

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Guest Anonymous



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Bumping this back up.  Sad to read the obituary of Brian Brown (Endless Summer and On Any Sunday films) in today's Washington Post Metro section who recently passed away.  I didn't realize he was a part of both films.




I never viewed Endless Summer, but watched On Any Sunday on late night TV years ago, which only helped stimulate my BMX bike riding along with borrowing friends' motorcycles and later 3-wheelers for riding behind our house.


RIP Bruce Brown



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The Bay area Craigslist ad the jmovie company posted got their 2002 needs. Got an immediate reply via email. Was hoping one of my cars could make this list. 

I don't remember Bruce but will never forget On Any Sunday


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Bruce's son Dana has made several movies that are similar to his father's...  From Dust to Glory about the Baja 1000 is unreal, you should own it and it *will* make you want to do it, and Step Into Liquid, about surfing- imagine.  Both excellent movies.


Anecdotal; my brother called me up one day out of the blue and says,"Let's do the Baja 1000."  I said,"Did you just watch From Dust to Glory?"  Silence.  "Yeah..."

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